LISA YANG cashmere is from China, where the world’s finest cashmere comes from.It’s made with devotion in a few small specialized factories. Fibre from around eight goats go into one LISA YANG sweater, instead of a market average of four, making the sweaters twice as nice. “I visit the factories often and we work closely together. I have built very strong personal relationships with the owners and I believe this hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure factory integrity,” says Lisa Yang


Lisa Yang (born in China and based in Sweden) never expected to work in fashion, but her passion for great design and great material lead the way. When moving back to Sweden in 2011, after spending six and a half years in Asia working with sourcing, it felt inevitable for Lisa to launch LISA YANG – a luxury brand offering clean and timeless designs in pure natural materials only. Since then, LISA YANG grows organically, with a focus on sustainability. The first seasons have focused on high-quality cashmere and this will remain a core. For fall 2016, silk is introduced and eventually a broader range of products, all characterized by pure natural materials and long-lasting styles, will be added to the LISA YANG collection. “Working with high quality materials and keeping a close dialogue with my production team to ensure this is essential to me. I know the names of the people working with my products, and in my world, that’s a true sustainability strategy,” says Lisa Yang.